iPhone X Sales Are Disappointing

During November 3 of 2017, Apple unveiled what would be known as the most revolutionary iPhone in Apple history: the iPhone X. However, with a high price premium of $1000 and a lack of new features, people seem to be choosing the iPhone 8 over the X. As a result, iPhone X sales have been disappointing to investors, and Apple’s stock price has dropped dramatically. Samsung even decided to cut OLED panel production for Apple because of these low sales.

iPhone X is not a bad product. With the new bezel-less display and an OLED panel, it is undoubtedly one of Apple’s most beautiful pieces of technology. It also shoots 4K video in 60 fps, which is a game-changer in the smartphone world. Also, the lighting features in the camera app generate the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Its new Face-ID feature is not bad, but it does the job. Windows Hello is way better in my opinion.

With all these new and amazing features, this should be a good purchase right? Well, people are not yet ready to drop $1000 on just a smartphone. There are also better options available in the market such as the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 at lower prices.

So the reasons are pretty obvious why people are choosing to skip over the iPhone X.

So unless you have a couple grand lying around and you feel like getting a new smartphone, get the iPhone X. Otherwise, go for a Pixel 2 or a Note 8.

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